How to set PopCash tokens and Postback in Binom tracker

In this post, we will show you how to add PopCash tokens in Binom tracker.

1. Login to PopCash

2. Get Tracking Tokens
PopCash-Advertiser->Create a new campaign->Click here to view the tracking tokens (macros) and the postback (S2S) integration details.

3. Get PopCash Postback/aid
PopCash->Advertiser->Conversion Tracker->Main Postback URL

4. Login to Binom

5. Home->Traffic Sources->New
So you can create a new traffic source.

6. Add a name
“PopCash” just OK.

7. Add Postback URL{externalid}&payout={payout}

Replace the tokens.

8. Add Tokens/Parameters for campaign tracking url

We add the tokens needed only.


Don’t have a PopCash account? Sign-up HERE.

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