Case Study – A 72% ROI smartlink campaign of Thailand

Hello, everyone!

Case study comes agian. A TH smartlink campaign with 72% ROI.

Let’s get started!

Campaign Details:

Offer: Smartlink – ADT_no_prelanders

Payout: about $0.6

Affiliate Network: ProfitSocial, Monetizer

Source: JuicyAds


Income: $952.77

Cost: $553.40

Profit: $399.37

ROI: 72.17%

Period: 2021.3.1 – 2021.4.30

Why Thailand?

Thailand has a huge population and a high demand for dating, also the competition is not so fierce.

Why JuicyAds?

JuicyAds has a big impressions on 300×250 banner in TH. It’s almost 10M/day.


We upload 10 banner to our campaign, then upload 5 landers to our landing pages server.

The bid is $0.01/cpm in a cpm model.

Optimize phase 1:

One day after launch, we get a lot of clicks, and roi is -40%. That is a good sigal, it means we have a big chance to make this campaign GREEN. The initial banner ctr is 0.12%, and the cpc is $0.0085. Not bad, it is much easy to optimize on these data.

We disabled some low ctr Banners and Zones. Then we get a 0.23% banner ctr and $0.0043 cpc. We get a 30% ROI on the second day. That’s good.

We continue to exclude the banners’ and zones’ ctr which below 0.10%. After two days we did this, the campaign daily ctr is 0.25%, and the cpc is $0.0039. Break-even achieved.

Optimize phase 2:

In phase 1, we achieved break-even. So We think it can make a positive profit after remove some low ctr landers.

2 landers removed, and the roi became 30%.


Optimize phase 3:

If there are low performace banners, zones and landers, just blacklist them.

We have 3 banners and 2 landers at last. The banner ctr is 0.30%, and the lander ctr is 35%. The daily roi is almost 100% in this phase.

Maintain phase:

There is no banners or landers need to be excluded, and we didnt plan to add new banners. So we just simplely disabled some BAD zones now and then.

Dropping phase:

The main Whitelist zones were sold out, we didnt get enough good traffic, ROI became bad, so we stopped the campaign at the end of April.

Winner banner:

This is a “Non Nude” static picture. But it just performs.

Winner lander:


A good offer, some not too bad banners and landers, and a ‘cautious blacklisting’ optimization method make this campaign sucess.

We also use Monetizer(Afflow) to collect push subscribers, this gives us about 10% ROI.

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