3 Things You Must Know About Media Buy

Traffic accounts for a large part of the content when doing affiliate markting. There are two camps of ways to get traffic: free traffic and paid traffic. Among them, media buy is one kind of paid traffic.

Paid traffic comes quickly, but it is also easy to lose money. This requires skills and experience, and there are many online tutorials about this. Here we will talk 3 things must know about media buy.

1. Brusher is inevitable

Brushers, bots and spiders are everywhere, and they are an integral part of the whole media buy game. Whether it is manual brushers, review robots, search engine spiders, spy tools crawlers, they are constantly crawling and roaming one the internet. It is not very realistic to try to block them completely with the energy of individual affiliate.

So what to do?

Nothing to do! Do not care too much about these, just pay attention to indicators such as CTR, CPC, EPC and RUI. Real can’t be false, fake can’t be true. You will know it is a mule or a horse by performance.

2. Traffic goes to high payer

Traffic is also a commodity, the traffic platform is certainly hoping that the same thing can sell for a better price.

In the CPM model, the traffic will be given to whoever gives high bid. In CPC model, the traffic platform looks at eCPM (1000*CTR*CPC). The traffic will be given to those who can create more benefits to the traffic platform. In this model, if the CTR of the material is very good, then the low CPC may get more traffic than the high CPC ones. Because the traffic platform sells more money for the same traffic.

A good bidding strategy has a very big impact on ROI, bid too high, you may lose money, bid too low, will not get enough traffic. Therefore, it is important to find a balance point to get as much traffic as possible while ensuring profits.

3. Each price point has its whitelist

No matter low bid, or high bid, we can always buy traffic, always spend out all our budget, always have conversions, right?

In the so many sites/zones/sources, always can find some profitable sub-channel, right?

This is what we called whitelist. It’s just a matter of whether the list comes early or late, more or less. If it comes late, we need to spend more budget. Comes less, the profit generated by these lists is not enough to cover the cost of testing the whitelist in the previous stage, which will result in our whole campaign group is losing money.

Even if there are a small whitelist, we can stop the campaign, extract the whitelist and create a whitelist campaign. let it continue to run, increase the profit a little and reduce the of our testing costs lose.

These are the 3 things you must know to do media buy. As long as you create campaigns, run them more, optimize them more, and summarize more, I believe you will have your own tips too!