How to Use Color in AOHs

Using color can significantly improve efficiency.

Campaign name and status both have colors in AOHs. We can make judgments quickly with them.

Here are some predefines:

Green name: Good roi and we will continuously running the campaign.

Orange name: Roi is not so good, we stop this campaign and the whitelist campaign in the campaings pair will be running.

Red name: Bad roi, all campaigns in the group or pairs will be stopped.

Campaigns status color: Inherited from traffic sources.


1. Green name + Green status

Yes, this is what we wanted.

2. Green name + Non-Green colors status

The campaign should be running, but there is something wrong at the traffic source end. Check and fix it.

3. Red name + Non-Green colors status

Bad roi campaign, we have stopped it.

4. Orange name + Non-Green colors status

Whitelist extracted, maybe only the whitelist campaign is running.

5. Cyan name + Green colors status

This is a campaign for observation.

6. Red name + Green color status

Should stop the campaign at traffic source immediately .

You can also combine them according to your own habits.