PopUnder – a Key to Success or Money Waste?

We’ve all seen pop-up or pop-under windows offering something. The main difference between them is that pop-ups are displayed on top of the websites you’re visiting, while pop-unders are the windows that are opened in the background. This type of ads often annoys us, but it is very difficult to hide from it.

Even though some have considered this format dead, it is still alive and can bring in high volumes of traffic even for a small budget. Pop ads can prove to convert much better than other ad types, sometimes boosting the ROI by as much as 250%.

We’ll tell you what you need to do for this.

1. To prevent your ad from being blocked, it should not have audio on autoplay, aggressive effects like blinking, and countdown without the ability to immediately close the window.

2. Pop ads result fully depends on the landing page with the offer. This is the only way you can grab the user’s attention, so stay focused on it.

3. Pop-under and pop-up should go well with the site, be executed in the same style as it. This contributes to a more loyal perception of the ad.

4. The text should be short and with a clear CTA. No one will read long descriptions.

5. No need to hide the cross or the close button. Remember, your goal is not to make users angry but to get a conversion.

6. Don’t annoy the user with the same pop-up over and over throughout the day. Set limits and show visitors different ads.

One more argument why pops ads are good for beginners: no more creatives are needed.

Top Geos: US, RU, DE, FR, BR, MX, ES, IT, ZA, IN, TH, PH.

Top verticals: Gambling, Sweepstakes, Dating, Utilities (VPN, Antivirus), Finance (Crypto, Forex, Binary Options).

Use our tips and don’t be afraid to run pop ads.