PropellerAdsHelper – Higher Your ROI of PropellerAds Campaigns

PropellerAdsHelper is an automatic optimization tool to higher the ROI of your PropellerAds campaigns!


1. PropellerAds Exclusively
Specifically built for PropellerAds. Developed in PHP language, it is highly efficient and can be run on any web host, VPS and server that supports the PHP script.

2. Improve ROI
Eliminate brushers, bots and poorly performing zones in a timely manner to reduce unnecessary budget spending and significantly increase campaign ROI.

3. Self-hosted
Software programs and data are hosted on your own server, not in the form of cloud services. Your own data is under your control, safe and secure.

4. Database Less
Uses a database-less way to store data, eliminating the trouble of installing and configuring databases such as MySQL, and reducing server resource consumption.

5. Easy To Use
No installation and no database required. Just upload to your server, add the Apikey, then simply configure it and you’re ready to go.

6. Convenient & Flexible
It can be used alone. Or used with trackers such as BeMob and Binom. No need to bundle, just need one click to turn on/off the auto optimization as you wish.

7. Blacklist & Whitelist
Automatically generates the blacklist and whitelist based on the rules, and synchronizes it to the traffic source. Both black and white campaign are supported.

8. Extract whitelist
Automatically extracting the generated whitelist from external campaign, adding it to this campaign whitelist, and synchronizing it to the traffic source.

9. Data Complete
Uses traffic source and/or tracker side report data to make blacklist and whitelist determinations, effectively avoiding misclassification due to click loss.

10. Custom Rules
Define your own rules, rich indicators, you can judge the black and white list based on traffic source ROI, tracker LP CTR, tracker ROI and other indicators.

11. Fully Automatic
Whether you are eating/sleeping, or traveling on vacation, you can leave it to PropellerAdsHelper, which greatly frees your hands and saves your time and energy.

12. Permanent License
Pay once, use forever. No need to renew like subscription-based services and products. No need to worry about forgetting to renew.

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