3 Criteria for Whitelist Screening

Running campaigns using the black and white list method is very popular in affiliate marketing, and sometimes we use this method to run campaigns ourselves, but how do you filter the whitelist? Well, it’s definitely a matter of how to do it.

A lot of tutorials are slapdash at this point. You’ll have to test, review and summarize them yourself.

Here is a set of common screening criteria, and explain the reasons for doing so.

Whitelist screening criteria.
1. ROI greater than or equal to 20%.
2. Conversions greater than or equal to 2.
3. Traffic greater than or equal to 100.

Explanation of reasons.
1. ROI should be greater than or equal to 20%, this is to prevent volatility.
We are profit-oriented, certainly to positive ROI, but some sites just pulled into the whitelist campaign, performance is not very good, or even negative. At this time, we need other sites with positive ROI to pull up the site’s negative profits, and then continue to observe whether the site can run. While ensuring that the ROI of the whole campaign is positive, it is not too early to throw away potential sites and take fluctuations into consideration.

2. Conversions greater than or equal to 2, this is to reduce the contingency.
If 1 conversion is set to pull the whitelist campaign inside, the risk of losing money in this operation is too big. Because 1 visit has 1 conversion, to 1000 visits, 10000 visits, still only 1 conversion is very common. This conversion is only a very occasional conversion and does not represent the performance of the whole site. We slightly improve the number of conversion standards, can greatly reduce this chance.

3. Traffic greater than or equal to 100, this is to increase the sustainability.
If a site itself has very little traffic, or in the current bid we can get very little traffic, sometimes none. Even if it can produce a little conversion, but it is not worth the time and effort we invest too much, not the whitelist we wanted.

Above is ours common screening criteria, wish you a good roi.