PS for PlugRush

PlugRushHelper uses the API to achieve automatic optimization. As the API of PlugRush is weak, so it has some differences between PRH(PlugRushHelper) and the web admin dashboard.

Below they are:

1. PRH uses Website (token: {$domain_id}) as the prime subchannel, not the Source (token:{$source_id}), espicially at the traffic source end. But you can still use {$source_id} as the first place token in trackers.

2. Only pop ad type is well supported, the rest(banner, push, native, etc) are not so perfect. They can not use the tracker end data at the moment. That means LP CTR, tracker ROI and tracker CV of the rest ad types (banner, push, native, etc) will not work.

3. PlugRush has its own automatic rules, if you turn on it, PRH may be not well compatible with that, so keep an eye on the data.

Wish you a good ROI!