How to get values of parameters in config3.php for AdCashHelper

Because the origin APIs of traffic source AdCash are too simple, as a result they can not complete some advanced automatic functions. So we need some other tokens/parameters to acheive this.

In config3.php for AdCashHelper, there 4 parameters: _identity, _account, _csrf and x-csrf-token. They are very important to automatically optimize AdCash campaigns by AdCashHelper.

Below are the steps to get these values.

1. Login
Login to your AdCash account in Chrome.

2. New zones list
Dashboard->Zones Lists->New zones list

PS: If there is no “Zones Lists” in the menu, please contact the AdCash Support to add it.

3. Open Developer Tools
Press F12 to open developer tools in Chrome.

4. Create a Zones List
Enter the name and zones, no need to save.

5. Find request
Find the request end with “validate-create?advertiser_id=xxxxxx”

Then click it.

6. Find values in Request Headers
6.1. Find _identity, _account and _csrf in cookie

6.2. Find x-csrf-token in headers

Copy these values and paste into config3.php.

7. Done.